STARRING :Ajith, Asin,Kaniga

MUSIC :A.R Rehman

DIRECTOR : K.S Ravikumar


SYNOPSIS : Shiva Shankar (Ajith) is a classical dancer whose marriage is fixed with his childhood friend (Kaniha). An intolerant Shiva goescrazy when the bride and her friends make fun of him. He eventually loses control and ends up raping the bride. This misbehavior of Shivaleads to the birth of twins (both Ajith). The kids are shared among the couple. After a couple of decades, Shiva Shankar becomes amillionaire but is confined to a wheel chair. His son Vishnu (Ajith) enjoys the worldly pleasures and falls in love with Divya (Asin). When he isabout to marry Divya, Vishnu shows lunatic tendencies and tries to bump off his father.

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