STARRING :Ajith, Sada

MUSIC :Bhardwaj

DIRECTOR : Perarasu


SYNOPSIS : The movie is about why should the State government usher free pregnancy treatmentto prevent several women being made to undergo operation (caessarian) during pregnancy bygreedy doctors out to make a fast buck.The movie begins with Thirupathy (Ajith), running asound service, ready to take on any evil that he comes across in his day-to-day life. He happensto meet a beautician Priya (Sadha). A sequence of hilarious encounters between them results inlove blossoming between them.Meanwhile Thirupathy’s friend Muthu (Riaz Khan), son of a State Minister, for whom Thirupathy is ready to go to any extent and sacrificeanything in life, turns his foe when Thirupathy tries to bump off a doctor whose callousness results in Thirupathy’s sister’s (Dheepu) deathduring pregnancy.Muthu prevents Thirupathy from bumping off the doctor and threatens to kill Thirupathy himself for the doctor is noneother than Muthu’s brother himself.Coming to know that he has been betrayed by his own friend, Thirupathy resolves to put an end to both. He manages to kidnap Muthu and efforts to trace Thirupathy and Muthu fail.Meanwhile, he manages to use Muthu as his bait to get the State government enact a law on providing free treatment for pregnant women in all the hospitals in the State. All’s well finally ends well.

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