Thirutta Payale

STARRING :Jeevan, Abbas,SoniaAgarwal, Vivek.

DIRECTOR : Susi Ganeshan


SYNOPSIS : The story revolves around Manickam, a good for nothing youth, who throws his weight around his house with his violent attitude. One day in a fit of rage, he injures his younger brother, following which he is sent off to Madras to his maternal uncle’s house. His uncle an upright policeman loves Manickam very much and welcomes him home hoping to change him with his soft approach. At his uncle’s place, Manickam whiles away his time on the terrace with a pair of binoculars in hand. A young couple, Roopini and Santosh playing golf everyday catch his fancy while surveying the neighbourhood through the binoculars. The duo is in a clandestine relationship carried on behind their spouses back and this is closely followed by Manickameveryday. One evening, he video records their intimate relationship and with that he begins to blackmail Roopini, who is married to a young businessman, played by Manoj K.Jayan. Despite Roopini offering large sums of money for the cassette, Manickam refuses to part with it. His demand is much greater. He wants an assurance from her that she will provide him a luxurious life throughout his life. Roopini has no choice. Santosh on hearing about this deal sends his men to kill Manickam, but it is a vain effort and only infuriates Manickam who goes on a breaking spree at Roopini’s house. She is forced to arrange a holiday for Manickam and his friends to Australia. The friends have a rollicking time Down Under where Manickam falls in love with Rosy, a Tamilian girl residing there. Love blooms and all seems to be going Manickam’s way, until one day he arrives at Rosy’s house to find that she has gone. And at that moment, he receives a call from Roopini in India, telling him that Rosy was with her and that he could have her back in exchange for the cassette in question. Back in India, Manickam realizes that Rosy was in fact a housemaid’s daughter and was a part of Roopini’s plan to outwit him. For Manickam, all that matters was Rosy whom he loved her very much. Does he join her’ Does Roopini free herself from the clutches of her blackmailer’ The remaining story tells you that with some twists and turns.

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