STARRING :Vijay, Bipasha Basu, Harini

MUSIC :Devi Sri Prasad



SYNOPSIS : He movie unfolds with Sachien (Vijay) waiting to take a flight to go abroad. The flashback begins.Sachien is a carefree and noble-hearted college student, who comes across Shalini(Genelia) in the campus and falls in love with her.Ayyasamy, (Vadivelu) and Santhanam (LolluSabhaSanthanam), students in the same college also love Shalini. Shalini though is a good friendof Sachien, doesn’t want to tell those three words that he wants her to. It eventually becomes a cat and mouse game. Enters Manju (BipashaBasu), who runs behind Sachien with skimpy costumes, and that makes Shalini go green with envy. When Sachien comes to know that Shalini’s parents have arranged her wedding with an industrialist’s son in Canada, he decides to bid bye toher and even asks apolgy for running behind her so long. Now enters Gowtham (Raghuvaran), a rich businessman and father of Sachien.Following a sequence of events, Shalini develops a soft corner for Sachien and decides to express her love to him.And she does after a typical climax in the airport.

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