STARRING :Vijay, Asin, Prakashraj

MUSIC :Manisharma

DIRECTOR : Prabhudeva


SYNOPSIS : “Pokiri” is a Tamil remake of this year’s biggest Telugu hit of the sametitle which featured Mahesh Babu in the lead. Some changes have been made in theTamil re-make to suit the Tamil Nadu audiences. The strength of the story lies inmaintaining the suspense of the true identity of the hero till the end. It is a mix ofaction and romance with a message about the duty and responsibility of the policeforce.The hero (Vijay), a young IPS officer, acts as an undercover cop to weed out the anti-socials who are ruling the roost. A gang controlled byunderworld don, Prakash Raj, operates with impunity. Vijay makes “Fight evil with evil” as his credo and is out to eliminate the gang outside thepale of law with indomitable courage and ingenuity.Asin works as an instructor at an aerobic centre run by Nasser, a retired circle inspector, who is proud of being a sincere and straightforwardmember of the police force. The girl falls in love with Vijay.How the don comes to know the identity of Vijay and how the mafia perishes form the climaxthe other. But fate have different things for him.

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