Pachaikili Muthucharam

STARRING :Sarath Kumar, Jyothika

MUSIC :Harris Jayaraj

DIRECTOR : GauthamMenon


SYNOPSIS : Set in the backdrop of a suburban area near Chennai, it tells the story of Venkatesh (Sarath Kumar), a medical representative. Hesettles down to a cozy domestic life with his wife Kalyani (Andrea) and a six-year-old son Nanda. With no big desires, demands or needs,Venkatesh maintains his status quo by doing his 9 to 5 job with complete satisfaction.His happy life takes a jerk when his son is diagnosed for juvenile diabetics. Unable to bare the trauma, Kalyani finds it difficult to cope with thechanged circumstances. Venkatesh tries hard to bring her to normalcy and explains her that life should go on notwithstanding the setbacks.However, gradually, their sparkling life looses its luster.At this juncture Geeta (Jyothika) meets Venkatesh in a train and attracted by his gentleness and naivety, turns him into an object of desire.Things change dramatically when she brings Venkatesh to a resort and there starts a dangerous adventure. How Venkatesh comes out of theweb is narrated interestingly in the remaining part of the movie. in public.

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