Imsai Arasan 23 am Pulikesi

STARRING :Vadivelu, Tejashree,Nandhita, Monica, Nasser, Manorama,Simran ,Nagesh

MUSIC :Sabesh-Murali

DIRECTOR : Simbudevan


SYNOPSIS : The movie begins with a selfish Rajguru (Nasser), who is keen on usurping the VeeraChozhapuraPalayam kingdom. So he kills22 potential princesAlso the queen’s brother, the Rajguru turns happy when the astrologer predicts that the next child of Queen would be a real idiot and can bemolded according to Rajaguru’s wish. Unfortunately, a twin is born and Rajguru has no other option but to hand over one child to theastraologer asking him to kill it.Meanwhile, the King and the Queen name the child as 23 amPulikesi and grows him up. Thanks to Rajaguru around, the child grows an idiot,fun-loving youth and a womanizer.Meanwhile the other child grows up as Ugiraputhan and excels in education and warfare. Coming to know of his past, Ugiraputhanunleashes a plan to save his kingdom. He manages to replace Pulikesi and starts to set the house in order thereby incurring the wrath of theRajaguru.Finally it is all up to Ugiraputhan and his loyal commander-in-chief (Sriman) in teaching Rajaguru a lesson.

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