E-The Right Letter

STARRING :Jeeva, Nayantara

MUSIC :Devaa

DIRECTOR : S.P Jhananathan


SYNOPSIS : SYNOPSIS : The movie revolves around E alias (Easwaran), an orphan brought up in the musty, teemingslums of Chennai by an old woman. For him money is the thing in life, he does anything for that. HeComes across Jothy (Nayantra), a bar dancer, who settles down in the same locality. After a fewencounters they get acquainted with each other. E’s simple ways attract Jothy.Coming to know of his past, Jothy tries desperate to correct his ways and set him on the right path. Meanwhile Dr Ramakrishnan (AshishVidyarthy) takes up the task of testing a medicine devised by a foreign company, which may come handy in killing people in thousandsespecially during times of wars.Dr Ramakrishnan chooses Jothy’s sister and E’s grandmother as specimen for the test. He cashes in on the ignorance to slum-dwellers. Thingstake a turn, when E rescues Dr Ramakrishnan from a murder bid by Nellai Mani (Pasupathy).A sequence of events brings Nellai Mani and E together. Without knowning his motive, E hides him in a secret place and decides to hand himover to Dr Ramakrishnan for a huge sum. Slowly E gets attracted by good ways of Nellai Mani.Through him, E comes to know of Ramakrishnan’s ulterior motives. Nellai Mani, a revolutionary fighting for a cause, tries to bring about achange in E’s heart. Succeeding in his attempt, Nellai Mani lays down his life leaving E to complete his task. The rest is all about E’s show all theway in putting an end to Ramakrishnan and his evil ways.

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