STARRING :Reema Sen, Vishal, Bharath , Vivek

MUSIC :Harris Jayaraj

DIRECTOR : A.R Gandhi Krishna


SYNOPSIS : The film is about a possessive youth who plays spoilsport between a husband and wife. Actress ReemaSen and newcomer Vishal play the part of the couple while Boys-fame Bharath is cast as the possessive youth.ReemaSen showers love and affection on Bharath, her neighbor, since hischildhood. Bharath happens to be the only son of a rich business tycoon GirishKarnad, who loses his mother at a young age. Reema treats Bharath as her youngerbrother and spends all her time with him.Meanwhile, Vishal , an income tax officer, turns up at GirishKarnad’s house for an IT raid and happens to meet Reema there. They eventuallyfall in love and after a series of incidents they gets wed locked. They settle in Goa then. The trouble begins when Bharath reaches Goa in searchof Reema. He manages to kidnap Reema and bring her to Chennai.The reasons for Bharath’s obsession and possessiveness towards Reemaunfolds as the movie progresses.Vishal who comes back to Goa finds the house deserted. The next door neighbor tells him that Reema eloped with Bharat. He then begins totrack her down and finds that the duo had left for Chennai. Vishal reaches Chennai but is unable to tell his parents the real plight. With the helpof Vivek his collegue he tries to trace her out. A chance look at the video of their marriage throws light on Bharat’s hatred towards Vishal. NowVishal is convinced that Reema did not go on her own will. He confronts Bharat’s father but he is of no help. Finally he traces out the location ofBharat’s hideout. Reema on the other hand pleads with Bharat to release her. She explains that she cannot be his wife and can see him only as ason or a kid brother. The plea falls on deaf ears. In a racy climax on high seas the three protagonists fight it out and Reema hits Bharat with theboat oars. He plunges in to the sea in an unconscious condition taking along Reema too. Vishal comes at the nick of the time and saves her.Even though she had killed him she is filled with remorse.Murugesan dotes on his younger brother Kathir and his weakness, like any other adolescent is love for movies (especially MGR films) that are screened in alocal theatre. But one day life changes for him when his father catches him red-handed from the theatre after he bunks school. The child is severely punished.He runs away from home taking money and jewels.Along the way Murugesan gets sidetracked from his intended destination of Chennai by an MGR Movie poster. He’s shown watching several MGR shows,buying a change of clothes and eating a hearty meal with his ill-gotten money. After spending the night at local temple, he wakes up to find his money andother possessions missing. Murugesan is then taken under the wings of a theatre projectionist in a nearby town and slowly the theatre becomes his home. Asan adult, he falls in love with Thangam (Priyanka), a beautiful girl who lives opposite the theatre but their love story does not have a happy ending. Murugesanis crestfallen after Thankam’s death and takes to the bottle. Sometime later the theatre is demolished, the owner citing loss of business.He decides to return home after 20 years. The rest of the film is all about Murugesan’s mental turmoil, as he is caught between the deep love showered by his younger brother Kathir (Bharath) who runs a successful advertising agency and his guilt of not being a responsible son or elder brother. There is a parallel lovestory between Meenakshi (Bhavana), an innocent girl and Kathir. Then there is Pandi (Sriya Reddy) who is Murugesan’s childhood sweetheart. The rest of thestory is about what happens to Murugesan and Kathir.

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