STARRING :Ajith, Trisha, Raj Kiran, Vivek

MUSIC :G.V.Prakash



SYNOPSIS : Rajarajan (Raj Kiran) is an honest policeman, whose guiding principle is to be a faithful guardian forthe public. He leads a tranquil life with his huge family comprising a caring wife (Saranya), three sons, twodaughters and a jobless son-in-law (Vivek). Rajarajan has only one goal in life: to make his eldest son Sakthivel(Ajith) a policeman like him.Sakthi bumps into Divya (Trisha), a jovial college student and after a few comic encounters they become closer. Eventually they both fall inlove. Both the families agree their marriage. The situation changes when Rajarajan slaps the son of the local MLA for humiliating a policemanThe goons pressurize Rajarajan to apologize but he remains stubborn and refuses to yield to their threats. As a punishment, Rajarajan istransferred to Kodaikanal, which is terrorized by a notorious gangster Varadarajan (Ajay). Nevertheless, even in his new posting, Rajarajan issucked deeper into problems, for no fault of his. On the day when Sakthi was to get selected as an Sub Inspector, an incident happens whichturns their life topsy-turvy. However, Sakthi is not the one to be cowed down by threats. How he fulfils his father’s ambition comes in aninteresting presentation in the second half of the movie.

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